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DIY Ice Maker Repair?

Performing ice maker repair is something that DIY enthusiasts can do, with a bit of knowledge. For less practical people, an ice maker service company – such as Ice Maker Repair Norman – can be helpful. The issue that crops up most frequently with ice makers is that they do not produce ice. Other issues include ice makers that freeze up, or appliances that will not stop producing ice.

The Problems

There are a number of reasons why ice makers malfunction. These appliances hold water that is sent through supply lines running from fridges to funnels, water filters or water pipes. Often, the supply lines will be blocked or switched off. Water supply valves should be checked to ensure that they are working OK, and not obstructed by fasteners or brackets.

Water pressure is the culprit much of the time, if an ice maker does a bad job or fails to do its’ job completely. There should be a water pressure of at least twenty PSI, for the appliance to function properly. This is a straightforward thing to test. Switch the water off, take the supply line out of the water inlet valve (normally situated behind the fridge), place a bucket beneath the supply line, then switch on the water again. In the event of a weak water flow (which indicates low pressure), there is probably a fault with the water supply to your property. In the event of a steady stream of water (which indicates the correct pressure level), there might be a restriction on the water inlet valve. In this case, it will need replacing.


Ice Maker Service Norman is a dependable repair company. Its’ fully licensed service engineers can repair all brands and models of domestic appliances. The company provides round the clock support and top quality maintenance and service for domestic appliances. Call Appliance Repair Norman Oklahoma today on (405) 310-8710, or visit the company’s website at


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