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We at Appliance Repair Normal offer the best quality appliance repairing services, which includes washing machine servicing and repairing in the Norman Oklahoma area. You can judge the quality of other service agencies by the fact that one of our clients used the services of three other washer repair companies in the area before handing the job to our washer repair Norman Oklahoma company, as none of the others were able to diagnose the fault properly. The washing machine is simply a large tub that fills up with water when you switch it on. You need to add detergent to the water, drop soiled clothes and turn on the machine. The top loading machine uses an agitator in its middle and the front loading model contains a rolling drum. However, these appliances contain many other parts such as thermostat (this controls the temperature of the water), the spinning intensity rotary dial, and much more.

Contact us the moment you hear strange sounds coming from the washer, or if you notice water spilling out from its door (this ca be due to faulty gaskets). The technicians of our washer service Norman Oklahoma company, armed with state of the art diagnostic tools, will visit your home, find out the problem with your washing machine, and fix it using original parts. We also specialize in fixing your other domestic appliances too. If you are facing problems with your dishwasher or any other home or commercial appliances, contact us. We are available round the clock and shall send our appliance repair Norman specialist to your home as quickly as possible. We are one of the few Norman appliance repair agencies that completes the repairing job on the same day and are available 24 x 7 to diagnose and fix your appliances. Contact us today at 405-310-8710 or on the web at and explain the problem with your washer for a no obligation quote.



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